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With a combined 100+ years of experience, the GTS leadership team draws upon an unrivaled portfolio of security program development experience from Nuclear Programs (nuclear weapons programs and civilian nuclear power) to Military Critical Infrastructure.

With our expertise rooted in the exacting requirements of global security, GTS utilizes the highest level of analytical, managerial, strategic, and instructional skills to develop and implement a wide range of services.

These include physical security, vulnerability and risk analysis, performance assurance, performance testing, as well as SAT Certified training development and delivery.

The Subject Matter Experts at GTS have been instrumental in many international critical infrastructure programs, applying experience in leadership, in-depth analysis, training, and performance assurance.


  • Vulnerability, Threat, and Risk Assessments
  • Protection System Performance Testing
  • Federal Regulatory Compliance Analysis
  • Process/Procedure Development 
  • Government/Military Advisory Services
  • Blast Effects Analysis – Design Basis Threat Application 
  • Security System analysis and installation
  • Development of Physical Security Programs
  • Development of Physical Security Programs
  • Training Development – Needs analysis through delivery (SAT Process) 
  • • Proprietary Learning Management System implementation
  • Offensive & Defensive Security Response Force Plan development
  • Tactical Security Force Management 
  • Performance Assurance Program Development & Implementation
  • Quality Assurance Assessments and Program Development
  • Adversary Tactic Computer Analysis (Site/Facility Based) 
  • Proprietary Tactical Response Unit Simulation Training (TRUST)
  • Protection System Analysis for Optimization and Restructuring


GTS Global Operations currently include in-depth critical infrastructure protection projects and services in 15 major locations from Nuclear Weapons programs, Nuclear Power facilities, military headquarters with advisory services at the highest levels.


The GTS team has a combined 100+ years of experience in training development and implementation in every security sector imaginable. This includes Military Operations, Nuclear/Critical Infrastructure Security and Operations, executive protection.


Recognized International Experts in Training Delivery

Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process certified team [Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation]

Learning Management System Development for training administration/tracking


In line with the UAE Plan 2030 to create a highly skilled, highly productive workforce, the company is mindful of the importance of Emiratisation as a key pillar for the development of young skills, especially in the field of National Security. GTS is committed to supporting the development of Emirati Nationals within our business and the projects we manage – regardless the size of the program.

GTS Subject Matter Experts work closely with our Emirati advisors to ensure
that the appropriate skills-sets are developed to guarantee future success.
Based upon an in-depth training needs analysis, this process
can include, but is not limited to, the following:

• In-depth Regulation, Process, and Procedure Review
• Program Specific Methodology Development
• Facility Specific Training Needs Analysis
• Training Plan Development
• Initial Skill Assessments
• Topic Based Certification Development
• Ongoing Performance-Based Assessments & Retraining
• Learning Management System Development


The GTS Threat Academy is Globally Recognised as a leader for providing training in Risk Management and Vulnerability/Threat Assessment courses. Our team of highly experienced, Subject Matter Experts is comprised of industry leading professionals – Each with more than 20 years of experience in analyzing and mitigating risks. Our specialized instructors have developed unique teaching methods for any environment and class size.

With the need for critical skill development outpacing the availability of on-the-spot training delivery, GTS has begun the process of building each traditional in-class module into an online training certification program.


Richard Lords

Richard is a highly experienced security professional with a 20+ year track record focused on the development and application of safeguards & security techniques and principles within the nuclear and critical assets industry.  Honed across many security-critical international locations, Richard’s renowned skills in program management, analytical, and security process development have advanced to result in his reputation as a sought-after advisor to global military and industrial leadership.   An internationally respected Subject Matter Expert, Richard has been responsible for the creation and implementation of a wide range of programs, including physical security, threat, vulnerability and risk analysis and performance assurance program integration.


The UAE is a leading force in its commitment to the environment through the ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ Strategic Initiative, issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

GTS is firmly committed to ensuring the sustainability and safety of our planet, and the intent of this initiative. This is a major consideration throughout our entire process – from project selection through procurement and service delivery.


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